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Take your Instagram marketing strategy to a higher level so that your customers can explore your brand beyond your feed.

In short, the link that Instagram misses.

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Your followers finally can click on the visual content you are sharing on Instagram.

"igLink es una herramienta MUY útil para compartir enlaces en Instagram. Probablemente estés cansado de hacer publicaciones en Instagram diciendo “ve a mi perfil y haz clic en el enlace” y tener que cambiar cada vez el enlace final de destino. Es una tarea tediosa y aburrida."

How to start using iglink?

iglink is easy to use, check our 3 steps :)

Step 1

When you post an image on Instagram, you have to add the URL in the description

Step 2

Create your own link. This link will be your (automatically updated) link in your personal bio

Step 3

Ready! All your followers can click on your content

Discover some accounts that are already using it

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